In 2015 MYP has been successful on a number of fronts. We secured an office in the heart of the David Douglas school district of outer East Portland. This area is key because it is home to a large percentage of our target demographic. This is one of the most diverse areas of the city and home to much of the city's youth. Our new home places us in the perfect location to serve these youth. This year we continued to provide one time and on going workshops at the Oregon Youth Authority, Multnomah COunty Juvenile Justice and at a variety of schools and community centers in outer East Portland.  

If you look at the patterns relating to youth facing incarceration in Portland, you'll find that many of them start in East Portland. They then land in Multnomah County Juvenile Detention and on to Oregon Youth Authority / MacLaren YCF. Most of those youth return to their home and MYP is involved at every one of these stages. No other organization is spread out in such a way that impacts youth throughout the justice system. 

Our sponsors are an important part of helping us maintain our involvement at these locations. We are extremely appreciative of their support and we're excited about what we will be involved in for 2017. Below are the those generous advocates.