In 2017 MYP was successful on a number of fronts. Though it was a roller coaster of a year, we produced a variety of exciting events and activities and directly served over 213 marginalized youth and over 2500 community members in those efforts. One achievement that we are excited about is that a number of our previous participants from Oregon Youth Authority (long term) custody are now home and have become involved in MYP as instructors, artists, mentors and ambassadors. One of those fine young men is now a member of our Board of Directors and is currently involved in Leadership Training. Eight others are also members of our resource council. We feel that this is something to celebrate and we look forward to what we will accomplish in 2018.

Our sponsors are an important part of helping us to maintain our involvement in the community. We are extremely appreciative of their support and we're excited to make a positive impact again this year.